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Grow your Discord server.


When ordering, please specify in the order description your Discord username and invite link. I will join and contact you.

Server Management

We help your server be a clean, fun community.



We will make sure your server gets loads of real users!

Contact me.

Discord Server Setup

We will design a beautiful Discord server with all the functions for your needs (some require Nitro)

$30 One Time

About Us


Our Mission

My name is BowlPulp , and i am a 17 year old freelancer trying to achieve success and finding happiness in life, by making others happy. We make sure that your server gets better each day, each moment, and never stops. I have been on discord for over 3 years, and still learning various new features, and stuff every day! Consistently active in moderating, managing and advertising with over $2,500+ services done globally. I have owned servers with huge amount of active people comprising of over 6,500 members and managed servers having 85,000 members.

  • Advertising
  • Discord Server Management

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My Projects

Pokemon Takecare ( 1,200 Members )
BowlMon ( 3,800 Members )
PokeTronix ( 350 Members )
Giveaway Yard ( 2,400 Members )
Chair Cult ( 6,800 Members )
Gamble Cord ( 250 Members )
Minecraft Society ( 2300 Members )
Anime Lounge ( 800 Members )
Gaming Yard (25,000 Members )
Gamer Garden ( 80,000 Members ) in Projects I Worked On

Projects I Worked On

SaladChefs( 16,000 Members )
InFlamesWeMust ( 85,000 Members )
Creative Destruction - Official Discord ( 16,000 Members )
The Iron Fortress ( 1,200 Members )
Chillbar ( 35,000 Members )
Pokemon Battlegrounds ( 2,500 Members )
Dream Falls ( 30,000 Members )